Garden Update

My Garden is growing like wildfire!  It is exciting to see it grow every day.  Based on the blossoms,  I am going to have much more come from it than I imagined.  It’s hard to believe that what started from a tiny seed has grown into a rain forest, with so many layers that I have to dig down to get to the bottom layers for my daily salad.  Yes! I have enough lettuce that I am having fresh salad every day.



Lettuce, Tomato, Marigolds, Cucumber

Here is just some of the garden.  You can see the tiny watermelon plant, the carrots, tomato plants, lettuce, marigolds, and the cucumber vine intruding into the picture.


Zucchini Blossom

Zucchini Blossom

Here is the zucchini.  I think the huge yellow blossoms are so pretty!  Since I took this picture, about 10 more zucchini blossoms have emerged.  You can also see a red lettuce plant next to the zucchini.  I haven’t been eating from this one, and it has grown big!

Cassatt under a leaf in the garden

Cassatt hiding under a sunflower leaf

Here is cassatt peering down into the tomato cage of one of my tomatoes.  I love how he is hiding behind a sunflower leaf here.  You can see some zucchini blossoms, the cucumber, and some tomatoes here too.

This is the cucumber plant


And this is the behemoth cucumber plant.  It has really taken over!  It’s leaves cover some smaller patches — lettuce and basil — but fortunately they are growing well.  The basil may not be doing as well as if it had more sunlight, but it is still growing.  It is amazing that what started as a cucumber seed grew into this so quickly!

Tom is not a vegetable lover, and he is not as excited about the harvest as I am.  I am already starting to plan how I will preserve some of this for winter!



15 Things to Do with a Cucumber


Cucumber Recipes

15 Summer Cucumber Recipes

Cucumbers are not my favorite vegetable.  I don’t mind eating them, but our family rarely finishes a cucumber before it goes bad.  Some of that is because Tom usually will not eat them. More often, they get relegated to the back of the refrigerator, only to be found after they are past their prime.

We regularly get cucumbers from our vegetable co-op.  And because they are easy to grow, we are growing cucumbers in our garden this year.  We are going to be overrun with cucumbers!  In preparation for this, I have put together a list of 15 things to do with a cucumber.  I have included some of my own recipes in this list, and have compiled a number of others that look so yummy that I must try this summer. Disclaimer: I have not tried the recipes yet! With this list, I expect I will run out of cucumbers this year!

What’s on my menu?

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