If We Were Having Coffee on the Fourth

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If we were having Coffee this Fourth of July, I would admit I’m not feeling very patriotic today.

I’m not anti-patriotic. It’s just that we returned home from vacation yesterday, and I have a long list of things to do. Enough so that I’m fantasizing about staying home to do laundry rather than go to the parade.

We were gone for a little over two weeks, and almost half of that was driving. We drove to New Mexico, a trip of over a thousand miles. We could do it in two days, but we took three so we could see dinosaurs.

2015-06-20 10.43.48 2015-06-20 10.13.21

We had a great time in New Mexico, and saw both Las Cruces and Santa Fe. In Las Cruces, we loved the Farm and Ranch museum, where Picasso got to take a cooking class. We enjoyed downtown Santa Fe. I love how walkable it is!

On the way home we visited some fantastic playgrounds.

2015-07-02 07.57.31 2015-07-03 10.39.11

I would love to tell you more about our trip, and hopefully I’ll get to that soon, but I have get back to the laundry and get ready for that parade.

Happy Fourth of July!


And Summer Begins

Is it possible that there are only three days left of school?  Today is Memorial Day, the “official” start of Summer. The school year went so quickly, and it is not yet ready to let go.  Even though Picasso graduated from Pre-K last week, school drags on, and he will be going again all through June.

Even the summer reminds us of our long winter.  We went to the swimming pool on Saturday, opening day. We just couldn’t miss the first pool day.  The blue water was inviting, and the lazy river was irresistible.  We stayed only until Picasso’s teeth were chattering and he was shivering, even as he insisted he was not cold.

I was hoping to enroll Cassatt in summer camp so that I could have some time to myself.  After a week of potty training, however, he is far from being accident-free.  We have two more weeks to have him “potty trained,” but I don’t see it happening.  Maybe three days of camping next weekend will give him the boost he needs.  At any rate, we shall see how crazed I am by the end of it.

What’s on my menu?

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