If We Were Having Coffee Before Summer Break

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part-Time Monster

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part-Time Monster

If we were having coffee, I’d be drinking my regular drip coffee today. We have some tea I can offer you, but no fancy drinks here. I am happy to have coffee again–we were out for a few days and I didn’t get to the grocery store. That made for a pretty rough week! If you would like, we have some fresh mint tea I can make. Let’s go out to the garden and pick some.

I’m still really excited about my garden this year. I have put a lot into it! Hubby is dreading all the tomatoes, I’m sure, but I am looking forward to making some sauces. I’m going to try my hand at chili sauce this year. Picasso is a huge chili fan and I’m sure he would eat it every day if I let him. If the garden produces as well as my lettuce has this year, we’re going to have lots of food in our pantry and freezer.

6-2015-05-21 07.37.56

I didn’t plant the mint this year–it came up on its own after last year. But it is really nice to have. I made asparagus-mint risotto with it this week, and have had mint tea.

My only complaint about the house right now is the one flower bed in front. I need to re-do it, but it has daffodils in it. I am waiting until the leaves die before I dig into that garden, because I love daffodils and want them to come back. Last year the lawn guys trimmed the leaves of our irises, and so we didn’t have any iris flowers this year. I was quite disappointed about that. So I am leaving that bed until the daffodils get enough sunlight to last through the winter. Maybe I’ll put some irises in it–they need to be divided. We took out the rose bushes that were getting scraggly, so the bed needs something taller now.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I had done some writing this week. The only thing I posted was a short piece about a tour guide at Victoria Falls. I loved doing the research for that; the pictures of the falls are beautiful! I can only imagine how magnificent it looks in person. I did some other writing, too, which I don’t always do.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I’m both excited about and dreading summer break. The boys have a week of school left–but Monday is a holiday, so that week is cut down to one day of school for Cassatt. I look forward to him being in school four days next year, even though pick-up will take a substantial chunk of time every day. I am trying to plan activities to structure our days. There are only a few weeks before we leave for vacation, so I really need to plan that too.  We are really looking forward to our trip to New Mexico to visit Oma and Grandpa, though!

My coffee is almost gone, and I need to get ready for the day. We are planning to go to the Magic House to play in the sand today. They bring the beach to St. Louis every summer, since so many people here can’t get to the beach. It’s a fun thing for kids.

What do you have planned for this coming week?


If We Were Having Coffee at the Farmer’s Market …

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part-Time Monster

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part-Time Monster

Isn’t it a gorgeous morning? We’re meeting today for coffee at Soulard Farmer’s Market. Instead of sitting and sipping, we’re walking through the stalls, admiring the locally-grown spring produce (as well as that bought wholesale), smelling the pungent cumin at the spice shop, buying a fresh bouquet, and enjoying ourselves. I have been looking forward to this all week.

At the Soulard Market


Today I am buying some berries to make jam. I used my canner for the first time last weekend to make pickles, and they are beautiful! Cucumbers were on sale last week, and of course I bought too many, so we’ve been eating Tatziki and drinking cucumber water this week. The pickles have to brine for at least a week, so I can’t wait to try them tomorrow!

I’ve been busy with my garden this week. Cassatt is learning to water and has been very helpful.

Cassatt watering the raised bed

Cassatt watering the raised bed. The lettuce and spinach are doing well!

The flower bed we planted a couple weeks ago is doing well too. I’m still very proud of what we did there.

The bed before we planted (but after we weeded it).

The bed before we planted (but after we weeded it).

The finished product!

The finished flower bed!

I decided I need more garden space. We have a side yard that gets lots of sun and isn’t used, so I started digging that up yesterday so I can start planting it. I’m getting some help with that too. Picasso and Cassatt are good little gardeners! And the weather has been so nice this week, we can’t help but be outside.

I hope your week is going well. Do you have a garden at your house/apartment?

I have enjoyed our walk through Soulard. I hope you got some things you’ll enjoy; I’ll be going home with some berries to can as well as some veggies for the week. And, of course, a spring bouquet. It’s my birthday tomorrow, I can’t have a spring birthday without flowers!

And Summer Begins

Is it possible that there are only three days left of school?  Today is Memorial Day, the “official” start of Summer. The school year went so quickly, and it is not yet ready to let go.  Even though Picasso graduated from Pre-K last week, school drags on, and he will be going again all through June.

Even the summer reminds us of our long winter.  We went to the swimming pool on Saturday, opening day. We just couldn’t miss the first pool day.  The blue water was inviting, and the lazy river was irresistible.  We stayed only until Picasso’s teeth were chattering and he was shivering, even as he insisted he was not cold.

I was hoping to enroll Cassatt in summer camp so that I could have some time to myself.  After a week of potty training, however, he is far from being accident-free.  We have two more weeks to have him “potty trained,” but I don’t see it happening.  Maybe three days of camping next weekend will give him the boost he needs.  At any rate, we shall see how crazed I am by the end of it.

Summer Plans

There are only 2 weeks left of school, and summer days are staring at me like a blank canvas.

Some people can get through a whole summer with no schedule.  Not me; I find it impossible to stay home all day.  I tried on Friday, the first day of official potty training, and failed.  I had to break up the day with a drive.  (He did stay dry during the drive though!)  Getting out of the house gave me some peace, and the milkshakes made it worthwhile for everyone.

We do have some plans.  Picasso is in summer school every morning through June.  Cassatt, if he is regularly staying dry in three weeks, will go to summer camp three mornings each week.  This will give me a chance to breathe (and, if it’s anything like the two hours alone Tom gave me yesterday, to clean).  But afternoons can stretch on, and bored kids make for a miserable mama.

The pool will be open, there are library activities, and I need to take the boys to the History Museum and the Art Museum.  Along with spray parks, the Zoo, the Magic House, the Botanical Garden, and all the other things to do in St. Louis.  I want to take them on a million outings, I just need to schedule them in!

I also need to plan quiet activities at home.  I have my list of 10 ways to occupy a child, but there are other things I can do as well that require some planning, including crafts and sensory table activities.

So a tentative daily schedule:

  • Take Picasso to the Bus
  • Morning routines (cleaning, eating breakfast, etc.)
  • Take Cassatt to camp or on a field trip
  • Housework or Mom Time (on days Cassatt is at camp)
  • Pick up kids
  • Lunch
  • Quiet time
  • Pool or other outing
  • Activity at Home
  • Make Dinner
  • free play
  • Bedtime

This blank canvas is almost bursting at the seams!

What’s on my menu?

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