If We Were Having Coffee Under the Dragon …

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Picasso got up to see the sunrise this morning. He said it looks like a dragon.

Thanks for joining me this early morning. The coffee is brewed, grab a cup and sit down. I would have made muffins this morning, but we’re out of flour, so grab some virtual coffee cake instead.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I’ve had a busy week. We’re trying to book a venue for the Parent Training seminar, and I was making a million phone calls. Then we decided on a space, and the phone calls suddenly stopped. I’m waiting for them to call me to finalize the details. It’s Saturday now, though, so nothing’s going to happen with that until Monday.

Did I mention how much fun it is to be making phone calls with kids in the house? Yesterday I ended up locked in the bedroom with them pounding on the door. But that’s better than the screaming I got the other day right after I said “hello”. That doesn’t do much for my professional appearance …

In the middle of all this, I had a very exciting e-mail this week. I had applied for a job as a social media editor. The rejection letter said they would like my voice in their publication and invited me to pitch some articles. So I pitched three articles yesterday, we’ll see where they go.

If we were having coffee, I’d have to brag about my garden. I trimmed back the overgrowth from vacation, and re-discovered my tomato plant. No ripe tomatoes yet, but I’m getting plenty of green ones. I do have a ton of cucumbers now. If we were having coffee, I’d send you home with one or two. I may make pickles today. We have two okra pods; I’m waiting to pick them until we have enough to do something with. (What do you do with one pod of okra?) I am enjoying their flowers though.

Okra Flower

The photo doesn’t do it justice.

The boys have done a lot of building this week — with Legos, the Erector Set (they make them in plastic now), and Tinker Toys. They can sit for hours building. We stayed home for the most part this week, but went to Grant’s Farm yesterday. They had a great time riding the tram, looking at the animals, and feeding the goats.

2015-07-17 10.21.01

Now it’s my turn to listen to you. How has your week been?




If We Were Having Coffee on the Fourth

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part-Time Monster

Thanks to Part-Time Monster for hosting a weekly coffee share linkup!

If we were having Coffee this Fourth of July, I would admit I’m not feeling very patriotic today.

I’m not anti-patriotic. It’s just that we returned home from vacation yesterday, and I have a long list of things to do. Enough so that I’m fantasizing about staying home to do laundry rather than go to the parade.

We were gone for a little over two weeks, and almost half of that was driving. We drove to New Mexico, a trip of over a thousand miles. We could do it in two days, but we took three so we could see dinosaurs.

2015-06-20 10.43.48 2015-06-20 10.13.21

We had a great time in New Mexico, and saw both Las Cruces and Santa Fe. In Las Cruces, we loved the Farm and Ranch museum, where Picasso got to take a cooking class. We enjoyed downtown Santa Fe. I love how walkable it is!

On the way home we visited some fantastic playgrounds.

2015-07-02 07.57.31 2015-07-03 10.39.11

I would love to tell you more about our trip, and hopefully I’ll get to that soon, but I have get back to the laundry and get ready for that parade.

Happy Fourth of July!

If We Were Having Coffee Before Vacation …

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part-Time Monster

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part-Time Monster

Good morning! Please come in and make yourself comfortable. I apologize for the state of my house today; we are getting ready to leave for vacation and things are in disarray.


The boys had Vacation Bible School every morning this past week. It was nice to have some time to myself, but the time went quickly! At least I got to go grocery shopping alone this week.

It has been hot, close to 100. It was so hot that I bought a water slide for the boys to play on. 2015-06-10 14.12.55

My big thoughts this week, other than work, have been about getting ready for vacation next week. We’re going to be driving to New Mexico over several days, and we’re really excited about the trip. I’m trying to get our driving organized so we don’t have whiny boys in the backseat. I made car organizers to hold different activities. Hopefully that will keep them busy and keep the car from becoming too much of a mess.2015-06-13 06.23.36

My garden is enjoying the hot weather. No ripe fruit yet, but lots of green tomatoes and cucumber flowers. My neighbor will hopefully get to enjoy some of that while we’re gone.

I’ll try to visit other #WeekendCoffeeShares this week, but my time gets so short, I don’t get to all of them. I hope you have a great week!


If We Were Having Coffee and Being Crafty …

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part-Time Monster

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part-Time Monster

Welcome! Thanks for coming over to have coffee with me this morning. We have coffee or fresh mint tea (being fresh, though, it takes a very long time to steep). If you would like tea, we would wander out to my garden to pick it. I would excitedly show you my tomatoes and my mint. We are still getting salad out of the garden most days, but the pickings are getting thin and I don’t think we will have it much longer. The rabbits don’t help with that, either. More

If We Were Having Coffee on a Rainy Day …

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part-Time Monster

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part-Time Monster

If we were having coffee on a rainy day at the end of May, we would be moaning about this weather. It seems like every time I prepare for a big storm, we get nothing, or just a little rain at the most. But then today it’s going to be raining all day.

“What are you doing today?” you’d ask.

I’m participating in the local NAMI Walk, I’d answer. I had hoped to get a big group of walkers, but nobody seems interested in joining us. So it’s going to be my family and one or two other people. We’ll see how my kids do on a 5k walk. I have to be there early, though, to display literature for my CHADD group, so I have to wake them up here in a little bit.

My week has been a little bit crazy. I found out we get to keep our grant, so now I am thrown into planning a full-day seminar with the money. I hope we get a much better turnout for that than we do for the walk! Of course I got word of this on my kids’ last day of school, so I won’t be able to do the work I need to do while they are in school. And I’m afraid teachers won’t get as much advance notice as I was hoping. But I’ve been lining up volunteers so I won’t have to do the whole thing myself. I will have to coordinate it, though!

As I said, it was the kids’ last week of school. Sort of an awkward week, since Monday was a holiday and Thursday was the last day. I am trying to plan our summer, although by Friday noon I was contemplating sleep-away camp for them all summer.

Can you even find sleep-away camp for a four-year-old? Cassatt had his fourth birthday on Tuesday, so we spent the day at Library Storytime and at the Children’s museum. By far his favorite gift was a big box of Tinker Toys that I found at a garage sale, which I keep finding on the floor. I hope they don’t disappear too quickly, since I have no qualms about throwing away pieces that collect in the dustpan.

Well, I think it’s time for me to get ready for the Walk, and wake my family. I’d love to hear what’s going on with you this week. Have a great week!

If We Were Having Coffee in the Dirt

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part-Time Monster

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part-Time Monster

Welcome! Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer). It’s raining, so we’re not actually having coffee outside in the garden, but it’s nice and cozy inside. If you can handle some little boy chaos, that is.

If we were having coffee, we’d be talking about my garden again today. I hope you’re not getting tired of hearing about it. I dug up a square out of the tiny side lawn this week. Then this morning I went to the hardware store and got soil to put down and some vegetables and herbs–cucumber, okra, tomato, rosemary, oregano, and cilantro. I then spent the morning digging it up and mixing in soil, but then I got to plant everything! I would show you a picture, but it started raining right as I finished, so I haven’t taken one yet.

If we were having coffee I would tell you we had a productive CHADD meeting this week. The tables were full; there were more people there than there had been for a long time! We had a professional organizer speak on procrastination, which was a very popular topic. Our meeting ran long, and I think most people were happy about that.

Speaking of CHADD, someone contacted me about speaking about how ADHD affects women. She is a great speaker; I got to see her talk at the conference last November. So I am both excited and a little nervous, because now it looks like I will have two events to plan for the fall.

If we were having coffee, I would ask you how your weather is and how you are getting ready for summer/winter in your part of the world. I can’t believe my sons have only 3 more weeks of school this year! I need to plan for the summer, but I just keep procrastinating on it …

Well, I need to go; I have housework I need to get to this afternoon. I hope you have enjoyed your coffee. I’ll send you home with a big bowl of fresh lettuce. It is growing like crazy, especially in this rain, and my family is getting tired of eating it!

Until next week,


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