If We Were Having Coffee at the Farmer’s Market …

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part-Time Monster

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part-Time Monster

Isn’t it a gorgeous morning? We’re meeting today for coffee at Soulard Farmer’s Market. Instead of sitting and sipping, we’re walking through the stalls, admiring the locally-grown spring produce (as well as that bought wholesale), smelling the pungent cumin at the spice shop, buying a fresh bouquet, and enjoying ourselves. I have been looking forward to this all week.

At the Soulard Market


Today I am buying some berries to make jam. I used my canner for the first time last weekend to make pickles, and they are beautiful! Cucumbers were on sale last week, and of course I bought too many, so we’ve been eating Tatziki and drinking cucumber water this week. The pickles have to brine for at least a week, so I can’t wait to try them tomorrow!

I’ve been busy with my garden this week. Cassatt is learning to water and has been very helpful.

Cassatt watering the raised bed

Cassatt watering the raised bed. The lettuce and spinach are doing well!

The flower bed we planted a couple weeks ago is doing well too. I’m still very proud of what we did there.

The bed before we planted (but after we weeded it).

The bed before we planted (but after we weeded it).

The finished product!

The finished flower bed!

I decided I need more garden space. We have a side yard that gets lots of sun and isn’t used, so I started digging that up yesterday so I can start planting it. I’m getting some help with that too. Picasso and Cassatt are good little gardeners! And the weather has been so nice this week, we can’t help but be outside.

I hope your week is going well. Do you have a garden at your house/apartment?

I have enjoyed our walk through Soulard. I hope you got some things you’ll enjoy; I’ll be going home with some berries to can as well as some veggies for the week. And, of course, a spring bouquet. It’s my birthday tomorrow, I can’t have a spring birthday without flowers!


If We Were Having Coffee in a Whirlwind

Good morning, pull up a chair, relax, it is time for another #WeekendCoffeeShare.

Weekend Coffee

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part Time Monster

I’ll have to admit, I probably won’t get a chance to read many people’s coffee posts this week. We have had friends in from Chicago this weekend, and it has been busy this week–first cleaning, then entertaining. Yesterday we went to the Butterfly House; today we are going to the Zoo and then the Arch. It should be a fun day.

I was about to write that I was enjoying the morning’s peace when I heard thumping downstairs. Twenty minutes later, Cassatt is downstairs watching TV, and I think Picasso may be joining him soon. The first show I wanted to show him is no longer Prime. It is frustrating how Amazon changes what shows it has on Prime. I just hope it doesn’t take Downton Abbey off prime, since that is my obsession right now.

I get frustrated how everyone’s spring breaks are on different schedules. We had spring break a few weeks ago, and our Chicago friends are on spring break this week. That means Picasso had to miss out on the fun yesterday because he was in school.

Our other big news is how quickly Cassatt is growing up. He will be four next month, and I need to find a place for his birthday party. He insists on doing things independently, and things I helped him with just a few weeks ago he does by himself now. This will make summer easier for everyone! I can’t believe I’m thinking about summer already, but I need to make plans for what my boys will be doing.

Well, my coffee is nearly gone, and it is time for me to get ready for the zoo. I hope you have a wonderful week!


Snow Free January Coffee

Good morning! Welcome. Pull up a chair and grab a cup of coffee. I have good, solid coffee mugs, perfect for a strong cup of coffee. Today needs strong coffee. I apologize for all the clutter in the living room. Between school papers and IEP paperwork, there is paper everywhere that toys are not. And the toys are starting to have a hard time finding space.

If we were having coffee, I’m sure we would talk about the weather. For the past few days, forecasters have been giving dire warnings about the amount of snow predicted over the weekend. Between 4 and 6 inches. Paltry, I know, compared to Boston, but still a decent amount of snow. I was both excited, because we had not had significant snow this winter, and worried that school would be cancelled this morning. But there was no need to worry, apparently; now they are saying it will all be rain.

We would probably also talk some about policing issues in St. Louis. Have you heard about the crazy stuff happening here? On Wednesday there was a meeting, supposedly between adults, about establishing a citizen review board for the city’s police department. The papers call what happened a “melee” between protesters and police. No matter what happened, I’m sure that citizens will face charges while nothing will happen to the police officers who brought inflammatory messages to the meeting. And then on Thursday, I read that the city Prosecutor has demanded, by court order, any recordings of the meeting that news agencies have made. In a country that supposedly has free press, forcing news agencies to turn over their information to the government smells like an authoritarian regime. (And if that’s not enough, this is not the first time this week that the prosecutor has subpoenaed recordings from news agencies. Nor the first matter.) It smells very fishy, but I also wonder if this comes from a law student intern who is not being properly supervised.

I can see you’re getting bored, and eyeing my IEP paperwork. Please don’t look at that pile, it’s for a client. But this packet is for Picasso. We had a meeting to discuss his evaluation results–the school did an extensive evaluation to see if he qualifies for an IEP. The IEP will determine what special education services he will receive in the next year. He qulaifies–under the category Autism. When I told the pediatrician this at his annual appointment this week, she asked if I had told them that the developmental pediatrician (who evaluated him for autism when he was 2) told us to leave him alone. Despite his quirks, we had ruled out autism, so it was some surprise to hear this. But it fits. So suddenly I go from having a child with ADHD to a child with autism. I’m not given much time to think about this, either, because his IEP meeting is coming up Monday. (Hence my relief that snow will not cancel school on Monday.) My hunch tells me that he will receive more extensive services than he did last year.

Speaking of which, I have to cut our meeting short so I can prepare for the meeting on Monday. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the other Weekend Coffee Share posts.

This post was prompted by the “If We Were Having Coffee” meme started (or at least encouraged) by Part Time Monster. I enjoy having coffee with you! If you want to share coffee, link up!

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