Mint Leaves

Can you spot them?

I looked deep into my garden yesterday, underneath the sunflower, cucumber leaves and trailing pea plants.  What was that weed that is growing so fast?  It is in the back row, where I don’t pay as much attention because I have to go into my neighbor’s yard to see past the tomato plants.

That weed. It was growing so fast! And then I realized: I had planted mint in that square.  It is not a weed, only growing like one.

What am I going to do with all that mint?  I have enough to make an entire mint-themed dinner, from appetizer to dessert!  This looks like an excuse for a party.

Mint and Pea Pesto

Princess and the Pea Pesto

Strawberry Mint Lassi

Spring Peas with Mint

Asparagus and Mint Risotto

Junior Mints Cupcakes

Junior Mints Cupcakes

Do you have any favorite mint recipes?


Spring Saturday

It is spring in St. Louis. The cool breeze is blowing, and I smell the dogwoods in the air, and the birds are singing their morning symphony. Cassatt, in his stripped green shirt and blue pants, is going down the slides with his new friend. The clothes that I keep thinking are too small, then remember that was on his brother. But the shirt is already too small.

The world is bathed in green. A crowed has gathered to watch their kids’ baseball game, and more siblings have joined us on the playground.

Today is my birthday.  I love having a birthday in the spring. The weather is usually beautiful, and I can enjoy my family and friends on this day.  It is usually about a week before mothers day, so all of the stores are advertising girly florals.  Not that girly is bad.  Of course, then I want to buy my own present because I want everything advertised! which is, I suppose, a good reason to avoid advertisements altogether.

Since my birthday falls on Saturday this year, of course we have to celebrate all weekend, not just the appointed day.  Tom took me out last night to dinner, and I finally got a dress-up date.  I made a reservation, wore heels and everything!  I even told them in advance that it was my birthday (a far cry from when I hid under the table as a child when they sang).  It was a lovely evening.

This morning I went to our neighbor’s plant sale and bought some Asters. I will need to plant them tomorrow (since I didn’t today).  Then we took the boys to a vehicle fair, which they loved, and out to lunch at Steak N Shake.  The meal was awful, the “fast” food took 40 minutes to come to our table!  Service was so bad that they took care of our check (a nice birthday present, although I would prefer not waiting so long.)  We then went to a playground and went home.

I went to Target this afternoon by myself, which was a nice change.  I still spent too much, even after coupons.  Darn you Target, always sucking me in to buying more than I need!

There are no more plans for this evening, although I hope to finish sewing my curtains.  I will post a picture when I hang them up.

What’s on my menu?

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