If we were having Coffee instead of Writing …

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Good morning, I’m sitting here with a full cup of coffee and listening to the DVD my kids are watching. I got them some Scholastic books from the library–do you know those? They are watching Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site. At least they’re watching books, so that makes it educational, right? Right?

The fact that it’s still summer prevents me from doing some writing. I just hate putting my kids in front of the TV for too long so I can sit at my computer. At any rate, I haven’t written any fiction since we left for vacation. I know the longer I wait, the harder it will be to get back to it, but I just can’t seem to summon up the courage to write these days. I did get a piece published, though, about my hopes for the school year.

Of course, the back-to-school fluster makes that even harder. MOPS is ramping up–we had a pottery painting night last night, so I’m a little weary this morning. I’m slowly getting some new registrations in. We don’t actually start meetings until school has been in session for almost a month, but it’s still keeping me occupied.

And CHADD is becoming a full-time job recently. We still don’t have a contract on a conference room, but finally I feel like we’re closer to making that happen. I have the seminar posted on-line and we are slowly starting some marketing. We had a regular meeting this week, and I have a meeting with another nonprofit that works for ADHD awareness today.

My garden is growing and being eaten. The cucumbers are doing very well. I was looking forward to having some tomatoes as well, and then they got taken off the vine. Terribly frustrating! We had some okra, and the peppers are growing. I don’t think the critters will eat them, and we will have plenty of spicy peppers for a while. They’re not really doing their job, though — I planted them to discourage rabbits from eating my other vegetables!

I’d bettter start getting some things ready for my meeting. It was good to have coffee with you. I will see you next week!


If we were Having Coffee after VBS …

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Thanks to Part-Time Monster for hosting a weekly coffee share linkup!

If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you what a relief it is that VBS is over. It went really well, although I think they’re giving me too much credit for that. I’m a little worried that I agreed next year to get a team together and oversee it. But I already have ideas about who will do what, so hopefully it won’t be hard work, just labor-intensive.

As if I need something else labor intensive right now. Other than VBS I have been stressing out over the October seminar for CHADD, to the point of almost forgetting there is a regular meeting next Wednesday. Fortunately I got everything set up for that ahead of time. Now I have to start getting things ready for our September meeting. We still haven’t sent out brochures for the October conference, I really hope we can start doing that soon.

I got my article finished! It should be published next week, I’ll share when it is. Now I’m interested in trying to get more published.

The weather has been dry this week, which is nice, but I haven’t been watering my garden as much. I need to spend some time in it this weekend. We have lots of cucumbers still, but our tomatoes are slow to ripen. I get excited when I see a green tomato, but I’m not very patient with them!

My coffee cup is dry now, and I don’t want to talk your ear off. What has been the hilight of your week?

If we could squeeze in coffee this weekend …

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Thanks to Part-Time Monster for hosting a weekly coffee share linkup!

I don’t know how I am finding time to write this post this weekend, except that a friend says she misses my writing so I’ll take a few stream-of-consciousness minutes here.

Next week is Vacation Bible School, and I got roped into being co-coordinator this year. I’m actually not doing all that much, but I think it means I’ll be doing a ton next year. Right now that’s a long way off so I don’t mind, or at least I’m not using brain space to think about that. I’ll be at church all afternoon tomorrow and all this week and next weekend. I should have been there all day today, too, but …

MOPS had our annual planning retreat this weekend. Although I think we should call it something other than a “retreat”–that word to me signals something relaxing, almost a vacation. Our MOPS retreat is 10 hours of planning for the upcoming MOPS year. It is nice to get it all planned out, but goodness I’m tired by the end of it! (MOPS, by the way, stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. It’s a Christian organization that supports moms of young kids. We meet twice a month through the school year, so that’s a lot of planning!)

Since it’s the weekend, I’m not doing anything for CHADD. We got the room finalized for the evening presentation, now I’m trying to get it finalized for the full-day presentation and get a contract for the room. Once I get that contract, we can start marketing, but getting that is proving to be much more difficult than I had thought! I’m in a waiting game for that right now, hopefully that will be finalized next week.

On top of all of that, I have a contract to write an article. Yay! I’m very excited about this–my first real freelance job. But the deadline is Wednesday.

My garden is bursting with cucumbers, more than we can eat. I picked my first tomato from the garden yesterday! It was delicious. I don’t think I’ll get a huge tomato crop, which is disappointing. Peaches are getting into season though, so I’ll get some of those to can soon!

Have a great week!

Cucumber Takeover

We got back from vacation in which we avoided 2 weeks of near-constant rain. My garden (and the weeds) loved it!

The cucumber has taken over the side plot. I can’t even find my tomatoes!


They're hidden in here somewhere. That's Cassatt standing behind the cucumber vine.

A friend was going to water and harvest while we were gone. She didn’t need to water.


Resulting cucumber

I guess I have my garden work ready for me!

If We Were Having Coffee and Being Crafty …

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This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part-Time Monster

Welcome! Thanks for coming over to have coffee with me this morning. We have coffee or fresh mint tea (being fresh, though, it takes a very long time to steep). If you would like tea, we would wander out to my garden to pick it. I would excitedly show you my tomatoes and my mint. We are still getting salad out of the garden most days, but the pickings are getting thin and I don’t think we will have it much longer. The rabbits don’t help with that, either. More

Last Minute Monday Goals–Week of May 25

My goals were moderately successful last week. I had a minor work crisis early in the week, and that superseded my goals and took some of the time I had allocated.  More

If We Were Having Coffee Before Summer Break

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part-Time Monster

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part-Time Monster

If we were having coffee, I’d be drinking my regular drip coffee today. We have some tea I can offer you, but no fancy drinks here. I am happy to have coffee again–we were out for a few days and I didn’t get to the grocery store. That made for a pretty rough week! If you would like, we have some fresh mint tea I can make. Let’s go out to the garden and pick some.

I’m still really excited about my garden this year. I have put a lot into it! Hubby is dreading all the tomatoes, I’m sure, but I am looking forward to making some sauces. I’m going to try my hand at chili sauce this year. Picasso is a huge chili fan and I’m sure he would eat it every day if I let him. If the garden produces as well as my lettuce has this year, we’re going to have lots of food in our pantry and freezer.

6-2015-05-21 07.37.56

I didn’t plant the mint this year–it came up on its own after last year. But it is really nice to have. I made asparagus-mint risotto with it this week, and have had mint tea.

My only complaint about the house right now is the one flower bed in front. I need to re-do it, but it has daffodils in it. I am waiting until the leaves die before I dig into that garden, because I love daffodils and want them to come back. Last year the lawn guys trimmed the leaves of our irises, and so we didn’t have any iris flowers this year. I was quite disappointed about that. So I am leaving that bed until the daffodils get enough sunlight to last through the winter. Maybe I’ll put some irises in it–they need to be divided. We took out the rose bushes that were getting scraggly, so the bed needs something taller now.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I had done some writing this week. The only thing I posted was a short piece about a tour guide at Victoria Falls. I loved doing the research for that; the pictures of the falls are beautiful! I can only imagine how magnificent it looks in person. I did some other writing, too, which I don’t always do.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I’m both excited about and dreading summer break. The boys have a week of school left–but Monday is a holiday, so that week is cut down to one day of school for Cassatt. I look forward to him being in school four days next year, even though pick-up will take a substantial chunk of time every day. I am trying to plan activities to structure our days. There are only a few weeks before we leave for vacation, so I really need to plan that too.  We are really looking forward to our trip to New Mexico to visit Oma and Grandpa, though!

My coffee is almost gone, and I need to get ready for the day. We are planning to go to the Magic House to play in the sand today. They bring the beach to St. Louis every summer, since so many people here can’t get to the beach. It’s a fun thing for kids.

What do you have planned for this coming week?

Garden Update–May 21

So I posted garden pics last week, and it’s growing!

1-2015-05-21 07.41.12

This is the planter I did with my MOPS group. It’s really grown out!

2-2015-05-21 07.41.04

These are the flowers on the other side of the doorway.

3-2015-05-21 07.40.54

I’m really proud of how this bed in front turned out.

5-2015-05-21 07.38.40

This is the side bed I planted. Last week we planted some sunflower seeds on the north side (left side). They’re starting to sprout, but you can’t see that in the picture.

7-2015-05-21 07.37.49

Here is the raised bed. The lettuce is really doing well now, the cool weather is helping it out. My tomatoes aren’t so happy with the weather though.

6-2015-05-21 07.37.56

Here’s just a corner of the bed. You can see lettuce, tomatoes, mint, spicy pepper. We planted sunflower seeds here, too.

If We Were Having Coffee at the Farmer’s Market …

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part-Time Monster

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part-Time Monster

Isn’t it a gorgeous morning? We’re meeting today for coffee at Soulard Farmer’s Market. Instead of sitting and sipping, we’re walking through the stalls, admiring the locally-grown spring produce (as well as that bought wholesale), smelling the pungent cumin at the spice shop, buying a fresh bouquet, and enjoying ourselves. I have been looking forward to this all week.

At the Soulard Market


Today I am buying some berries to make jam. I used my canner for the first time last weekend to make pickles, and they are beautiful! Cucumbers were on sale last week, and of course I bought too many, so we’ve been eating Tatziki and drinking cucumber water this week. The pickles have to brine for at least a week, so I can’t wait to try them tomorrow!

I’ve been busy with my garden this week. Cassatt is learning to water and has been very helpful.

Cassatt watering the raised bed

Cassatt watering the raised bed. The lettuce and spinach are doing well!

The flower bed we planted a couple weeks ago is doing well too. I’m still very proud of what we did there.

The bed before we planted (but after we weeded it).

The bed before we planted (but after we weeded it).

The finished product!

The finished flower bed!

I decided I need more garden space. We have a side yard that gets lots of sun and isn’t used, so I started digging that up yesterday so I can start planting it. I’m getting some help with that too. Picasso and Cassatt are good little gardeners! And the weather has been so nice this week, we can’t help but be outside.

I hope your week is going well. Do you have a garden at your house/apartment?

I have enjoyed our walk through Soulard. I hope you got some things you’ll enjoy; I’ll be going home with some berries to can as well as some veggies for the week. And, of course, a spring bouquet. It’s my birthday tomorrow, I can’t have a spring birthday without flowers!

If We Were Having Coffee in the Garden …

If we were having coffee …

Let’s have coffee in the garden today. In reality, it’s supposed to rain today and my garden isn’t really big enough to “have coffee” in. But let’s pretend we’re having the gorgeous weather we had earlier in the week, so beautiful you want to sit outside, even if just on concrete steps, and drink in the sun. And we can pretend we’re in a big backyard garden with flowers and vegetables growing all around.

I’ve been very excited about my garden this week and what I’ve been able to accomplish in it. Last weekend we rebuilt the retaining wall so it could be a little bit higher, added garden soil, planted some perennials and annuals, fertilized and mulched them. And most of them haven’t died yet. It’s a small garden patch–only about 7 square feet, right in front of the house, but I’m excited to have it done. Picasso and Cassatt are not as excited to lose their digging space though!

Yesterday my moms group talked about container gardening and Julie talked about how much she is able to plant on her postage stamp lawn. I am impressed! Now I am inspired to plant more around the house.

If we were having coffee …

I would tell you my other excitement this week has been canning. My dad is taking his breadmaking habit seriously and got a grain mill this past week. This inspired him to order me a canner for my birthday. It took several days to ship, so I got books about canning from the library and have been reading them and studying the recipes. Hubby’s first impression was that you can brew a whole lot of beer using that. I’m glad he’ll be able to get some use out of it too, since we don’t really need a pot that big. I hope to loan it to some friends this summer and keep it in good rotation so it doesn’t sit too much in storage.

I am going to an autism resource fair to volunteer for MPACT this morning. They provide advocacy resources for parents trying to get help for their kids in school. I’m really looking forward to it. Part of me thinks I should do some of this for CHADD, but without having more volunteers, it’s hard to do much publicity.

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