If we were having coffee I’d give you peaches …

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I’m hustling peaches this week. We went peach picking last weekend and went a little bit overboard. 3 boxes holds more than I thought it would! I had wanted some to can and make jam. I ended up with 16 jars of jam, 3 jars of peach butter, 7 jars of jam, a pie, and enough left over to do something else with. And plenty to eat, too. It has been a delicious week. But busy!!!

Besides the peaches, we’ve been busy with the end of summer and the first days of school. Picasso chose to go to the Magic House both Monday and Tuesday. We never stay at a museum all day; we all get exhausted after a few hours. So we didn’t get to see on Monday many things that he wanted to see, which is why we had to go back. It’s a good thing we’re members!

School started Wednesday, and I thought I would get a bunch done while the kids are in school. Boy was I wrong! Besides the hour that pickup takes out of my day, I have been crazy getting things ready for the seminar in October. We now have a location contract and brochures are FINALLY ready to send out! I spent a lot of time with the mailing house this week, getting bulk mail status cleared away and making sure the brochures were good to mail out. As soon as I dropped Cassatt off for his first day, I went downtown to the post office only to find out that 1. I didn’t have to fill out all the paperwork I had filled out; 2. I probably could have taken care of it with a phone call (although I was told they don’t answer the phones); and 3. the computers were down so they couldn’t help me anyway. Fortunately they took my information and called me back the next day with what I needed.

Saturday morning was spent in training to be an MPACT parent mentor. Basically, I will be helping parents get special education for their kids. This is some of the advocacy I was doing when I was practicing law, and I really enjoy it.

We squeezed in time for a date night last night. We went to the City Museum and had fun climbing through tunnels and caves and sliding down the 10 story slide. I only panicked a little from the heights!

I hope your week has gone well. What should I do with the rest of my peaches?



If we were Having Coffee after VBS …

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Thanks to Part-Time Monster for hosting a weekly coffee share linkup!

If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you what a relief it is that VBS is over. It went really well, although I think they’re giving me too much credit for that. I’m a little worried that I agreed next year to get a team together and oversee it. But I already have ideas about who will do what, so hopefully it won’t be hard work, just labor-intensive.

As if I need something else labor intensive right now. Other than VBS I have been stressing out over the October seminar for CHADD, to the point of almost forgetting there is a regular meeting next Wednesday. Fortunately I got everything set up for that ahead of time. Now I have to start getting things ready for our September meeting. We still haven’t sent out brochures for the October conference, I really hope we can start doing that soon.

I got my article finished! It should be published next week, I’ll share when it is. Now I’m interested in trying to get more published.

The weather has been dry this week, which is nice, but I haven’t been watering my garden as much. I need to spend some time in it this weekend. We have lots of cucumbers still, but our tomatoes are slow to ripen. I get excited when I see a green tomato, but I’m not very patient with them!

My coffee cup is dry now, and I don’t want to talk your ear off. What has been the hilight of your week?

If we could squeeze in coffee this weekend …

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Part-Time Monster

Thanks to Part-Time Monster for hosting a weekly coffee share linkup!

I don’t know how I am finding time to write this post this weekend, except that a friend says she misses my writing so I’ll take a few stream-of-consciousness minutes here.

Next week is Vacation Bible School, and I got roped into being co-coordinator this year. I’m actually not doing all that much, but I think it means I’ll be doing a ton next year. Right now that’s a long way off so I don’t mind, or at least I’m not using brain space to think about that. I’ll be at church all afternoon tomorrow and all this week and next weekend. I should have been there all day today, too, but …

MOPS had our annual planning retreat this weekend. Although I think we should call it something other than a “retreat”–that word to me signals something relaxing, almost a vacation. Our MOPS retreat is 10 hours of planning for the upcoming MOPS year. It is nice to get it all planned out, but goodness I’m tired by the end of it! (MOPS, by the way, stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. It’s a Christian organization that supports moms of young kids. We meet twice a month through the school year, so that’s a lot of planning!)

Since it’s the weekend, I’m not doing anything for CHADD. We got the room finalized for the evening presentation, now I’m trying to get it finalized for the full-day presentation and get a contract for the room. Once I get that contract, we can start marketing, but getting that is proving to be much more difficult than I had thought! I’m in a waiting game for that right now, hopefully that will be finalized next week.

On top of all of that, I have a contract to write an article. Yay! I’m very excited about this–my first real freelance job. But the deadline is Wednesday.

My garden is bursting with cucumbers, more than we can eat. I picked my first tomato from the garden yesterday! It was delicious. I don’t think I’ll get a huge tomato crop, which is disappointing. Peaches are getting into season though, so I’ll get some of those to can soon!

Have a great week!

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