Saturday Morning

The weekend stretches out before me like the ocean; a few minutes of sandy beach brushing against hours of uncharted waters.  The anticipatory feeling of the weekend stretching out before me, overflowing with possibilities.  Should I write? Sew? Read? Clean?  Maybe I can take the boys somewhere, William has been wanting to visit the Magic House.  We will go to church tomorrow morning, and I am teaching my Sunday School class solo for the first time.

A few weeks ago I started sewing a casserole carrier.  It sits, half-finished, on a shelf, waiting for me to cut the strap pieces.  I need this carrier as a way to keep dishes warm when I take them to MOPS.  Which reminds me, I signed up to bring a hot dish to my next meeting.  Does anyone have a good egg casserole recipe?

I have been insanely busy this past week with CHADD.  I am the coordinator this year and am trying to get people more active so that it will continue; I’m afraid if it doesn’t get more people in volunteer positions then it will die soon from leadership exhaustion.  And we need to get the word out about ADHD, so I am speaking with local professionals about our group.


Pinterest Chicken Enchiladas

So I’m making these chicken enchiladas. I had enchiladas on the menu tonight anyway, and found them yesterday on Pinterest. Usually I make them with canned enchilada sauce, so I’m glad to have a recipe with its own sauce.


I made the enchiladas the way I normally do, tortillas rolled with chicken and cheese. I made a chicken in the crock pot the other day, and saved and shredded chicken for this meal (in addition to that night’s dinner).

For the sauce, I made a white sauce with chicken broth, and added in a can of green chilies and a cup of sour cream. I didn’t taste it until I poured it on, whoops. It’s too mild for my taste, but I’m sure the kids will love it. I’ll put lots of salsa and some Aleppo Pepper on the table to spice it up.

I topped the whole thing with cheese and put it in the fridge, to cook later. It was easy enough to make while Picasso is at school.

At dinnertime, I baked the enchiladas at 350 for 30 minutes, then turned the broiler on for 3 more minutes.  It turned out beautifully!

Here are the enchiladas after I took them from the oven.

They were rather mild, but the chili flavor came through in the sauce, so they did not need as much additional seasoning as I had thought.  They were delicious, I will be making these again!

Original Recipe


What’s on my menu?

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