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Weekend Coffee

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Good morning friends. I hope you’ll forgive my coffee post being a little late this weekend. Yesterday was a crazy day and I didn’t have any time to sit down to my computer!

Where are my manners? Pull up a chair, grab your favorite mug, and pour some coffee. Would you like some cream or sugar?

This week has been very busy. I am excited because my board decided to go ahead with the teacher training for ADHD. We still don’t know the status of the grant, but I think we can pull it off even without the grant. It may have to be for the wealthier school districts, though, because if we don’t have grant money we won’t be able to offer scholarships.

I presented about ADHD and CHADD to a Social Work class this week. My slide show did not come up, unfortunately, but the talk went OK anyway.

As I said, Saturday was a crazy day. We went to Lego KidsFest downtown, and the kids got to spend hours playing with gazillions of Legos. There was even a huge pile of Lego bricks that they could climb on! (I had the cruel thought of making them go barefoot on it so they could learn the value of cleaning up their toys … but I digress.) We took the Metrolink train, so they got the fun of riding the train as well.

Then yesterday evening I had book club. We read The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, and it was very good. I still haven’t finished it, but I look forward to the ending–they say there’s a twist. And I got the newest Sarah Addison Allen book from the library, I can’t wait to dig into that one!

I decided not to do the A to Z challenge. As much as I want to, it is just adding too much to my plate right now. I will enjoy reading others’ posts.

I’m getting long winded here and I have to teach Sunday School this morning, so I’d better wind up. I hope you enjoyed the coffee. I enjoyed my time with you!


I saw this post today. It has some great ideas for kids gifts with classic books. Do you have other ideas for pairing toys with great books?



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