Day one

It was a cold day–the coldest it had been in decades. (This is before the negative double-digit temperatures of this past winter.  At that point, I didn’t dare contemplate temperatures below 4 degrees.). I was scheduled to be in court that morning. Thank goodness I got that changed so I wouldn’t have to walk my 38-week pregnant self to the courthouse. Also my date after which I refused to schedule anything just in case my expected late baby came early. (Because, as little as I expected a 38 week baby, there was no way I was having a preemie.) As it was, people laughed for stopping appointments so early. First babies are always late, right?
So here I am, just barely 38 weeks pregnant, and I wake up before my alarm clock with contractions. OK, Braxton Hicks, I know you’ll go away soon, but that HURT! An hour later, I’m in enough pain that I want to be in the hospital. When my husband drops me off at the door, I take the elevator up to L&D and say, I think I’m on labor. They tell me to pee in a cup.
They ask if I want an epidural. Natural mama as I am, I know I can’t handle this level of pain for the 24 hour labor I have planned, so I desperately agree. Then they tell me I’m too far along. I give no thought to the baby I am birthing, I just want this pain to STOP!
An hour and 3 pushes after I walk in the hospital doors, I’m a mother. Nobody knew I was in labor and they are shocked at my announcement. Meanwhile, there is a new person that has emerged from my body, now what? Welcome to the season of Motherhood. Life pushed me through the door, plans not yet made and nursery not yet finished.
Were you prepared for motherhood? Did it explode on you like a storm or come gently like a summer breeze? (OK I know motherhood doesn’t come to anyone like a summer breeze, although I’m sure things went as planned for some people!)


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