How I Freeze Strawberries (so they don’t clump)

In the spring and summer, when fruit is at its peak, I love to freeze some to have throughout the year.  Strawberries, blueberries, and peaches are my favorites.  And now that I have a new freezer, I can freeze even more.

People sometimes tell me that their berries always clump and are hard to use.  Keeping them from clumping takes an extra step, but it’s really easy.

I start with a carton of strawberries.

Carton of StrawberriesIf you notice (I did not at the store, of course), one of them has a big brown spot.  Since I didn’t intend for these to be “pretty” strawberries anyway (I’ll probably use them in pancakes or smoothies), I cut it out when slicing the strawberries.

I wash the strawberries,

02-2014-05-10 10.07.12

then I cut them.

I lay them out before I freeze them.  I put a sheet of waxed paper onto a baking sheet, and spread the cut strawberries on the sheet.

08-2014-05-10 10.16.23


I freeze them on the baking sheets for several hours

09-2014-05-10 10.20.02

And I have a bag of berries ready to use this winter!

14-2014-05-10 16.52.29




What’s on my menu?

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