If We Were Having Coffee I’d Give You a Big Hug …

Because I’ve missed you. Writing is one of those things that has fallen by the wayside in this political campaign; the campaign has swallowed my life and the election is not until next year!

Speaking of the campaign, it is obscene how important money is to politics. Ob-scene. I understand why it is so important: a lot of it goes to the printer and the post office to get a politician’s name in front of people so they will vote. But right now I am asking people for money, which is hard for me to do.

I am also meeting with lobbying organizations (yes, already!) whose endorsement I will be seeking. It is fun to meet with people who care about the political process and want to help me succeed. At the same time, I am calculating whether their PAC may give me money and whether I can get volunteer support from them.

Yes, PAC’s. Those corporate (and nonprofit!) organizations that can give so much more money than most individuals. I do wonder how much Citizen’s United plays into the whole needing money thing. I saw a Huffington Post article about this just yesterday, how PACs are getting into even School Board elections.  “Down Ticket” elections.

The best thing I get to do as a candidate is to go to forums and learn about the issues–in much detail. This week I went to a Missouri Budget Project forum, where they talked much more about early childhood than infrastructure (I had expected it would be the other way around). Early Childhood is an issue for me, but after that I feel more comfortable making it an issue politically. Today I get to go to a forum on the Ferguson Commission.

Before I move on, I have to share my political webpage and my fundraising page.

But all that is my “day job.” I hope I didn’t bore you by talking about the American political process too much. I’m curious to hear thoughts on this, especially if you are in a different country.

The boys are doing great. They went trick-or-treating last night. We hit our street before it started raining, so they didn’t want to do much more than that. Still, they got a good amount of candy and had fun running from house to house. Picasso went as a skeleton. Cassatt was going to go as a “pirate ghost” and had a pirate costume, but I convinced him at the last minute to go as a firefighter instead (his raincoat looks like a fireman’s coat).

I went to parent-teacher conferences this week. Both boys are doing great academically. Picasso is still struggling with social/behavioral issues, but we are working on that. They both have great teachers and are learning lots.

I dropped my phone this week and the screen broke, so I couldn’t use it anymore. I miss my phone! We got a new phone for me, but I don’t like it nearly as well. We weren’t about to shell out the money for a Nexus, though.

Kids are starting to get up now. Amazingly, everybody got an extra hour of sleep today (after the switch to Daylight Savings time) so even though it’s early, it feels much later. Have a great week!

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  2. Corina
    Nov 02, 2015 @ 00:23:02

    It’s good to hear about the campaign. I can only imagine all that is taking up your calendar now. It was very good to hear from you after such a long silence.. I’m glad you are all well!

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  3. roweeee
    Nov 02, 2015 @ 05:06:30

    It’s quite intriguing in a sense watching the US elections from distant Australia. To be honest, it really does come across as a circus or some kind of farce, especially with different members of the same family seemingly switching roles or seats on the bus. Reading your comments about money, I wonder how democratic that process is? How much say does the little person really have. We have compulsory voting here and they do measure the informals, which are also a vote in a sense. I was quite close to our local Federal Member and we’re in a swinging seat or at least one with very little margin inbetween. She worked her guts out for that election and felt like an “endangered species”. She’d really found her thing and worked so hard and yet she lost the seat. Fortunately, she’s now in the Senate.
    Halloween isn’t a big deal here but our kids dressed up and went up and down our street. There were about 6 houses doing it and it was sunny still. We’re on daylight saving’s time so that would be another big difference here.
    Good luck with your campaign and keep us posted xx Rowena



    • Sarah
      Nov 02, 2015 @ 15:03:40

      Hi Rowena, thanks for your comments! (I turned off comments on my political page; had forgotten to do that earlier, so I’ll respond to that here too.) That’s great that you’re involved with the MD association! It’s a great cause. Thanks for your support from across the ocean! The presidential election is a circus, in my opinion. There are people running who have no business being president. And I agree that money is so involved in politics that it makes the process less democratic. People/constituencies that have more money have a bigger say. Now people give to PAC’s and may get their voices heard more that way, but if they do, they’re advocating all that the PAC stands for. There are much better ways for the process to run, I think.



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