Pumpkin Pie

My garden did not produce quite as well as I had wanted, but it did give us two nice small pumpkins.

Pumpkin in July

Pumpkin in July. The vine twined up the sunflower and the pumpkin grew hanging, off the ground.

I cooked one and made it into a pumpkin pie!  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the pumpkin before I cut it, but here it is being cut on Saturday.

1-2014-11-22 12.37.40

I steamed it for about 40 minutes.

3-2014-11-22 13.00.03

I also roasted the seeds and snacked on those on Saturday afternoon.

2-2014-11-22 12.37.45

When the pumpkin finished steaming, I pureed it in the food processor.  I then measured out what I needed and froze the rest.


Why do recipes never say “take a photo for your blog?”  At any rate, I didn’t get any more pictures until the finished product.  The recipe was enough for two pies.

Pumpkin Pies

I can’t wait to eat it after Thanksgiving dinner!



Picasso Update

So I had posted several weeks ago that the school thinks Picasso has autism.  More than fear, I was upset that the school had hidden that from me.

It turns out, I should have questioned further.  I am so conditioned to expect the worst of the school, it didn’t occur to me that the counselor was making a mistake.  When she was talking to me (keep in mind this meeting was not supposed to be about my son, so I didn’t expect her to look at my son’s file beforehand), she had me confused with another mother.  That other mother had been advocating for an autism diagnosis from the school.

It is such a relief to know that the school wasn’t hiding information from me.  They have been so good about getting services for Picasso, I had been upset with this turn of events.  I am glad to know they are wrong.

Now we are in the middle of evaluations at school, and everyone is on board with keeping an IEP for him.  The ironic thing is, one of the categories they are looking at is autism.  Although I really don’t think a doctor would say he has autism, the criteria for a category at school is different.

We’ll see what happens with the evaluations.  I hope he does qualify to have an IEP after this year.

I keep meaning to watch it, but here is a video about the link between Autism and ADHD.  These videos are worth watching (if you have the time).

New Year

Is it possible that 2015 is almost here?  Already?  EEK!  I’m in the middle of holiday planning, and the new year is going to sneak up on me!

The new year is a fresh new page, a blank slate for me to write on.  And I can’t wait to write on it!


What’s on my menu?

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