Ferguson City Council Meeting Shows the Problem with the System

I have not been posting here much, and I promise a good full update soon, but I have a follow up post on Ferguson.  There is a town council meeting tonight, and the tweets I am reading from it just make me steaming mad.  For example, this tweet:

As a lawyer, this leaves me fuming.  Failure to use a turn signal, while improper and deserving (sometimes) a slap on the wrist, doesn’t deserve anything more.  Certainly not being called to court over it, and no warrants for a failure to appear when the doors are locked.  

I also read that citizens of Ferguson are using the phrase “taxation without representation” for traffic fines issued.  The next two tweets emphasize the “without representation” part of that:

And …

What should make residents believe they will actually have these town hall meetings, and if they do, that they will be published?  My guess is, the only reason these will happen (if they do) is because Ferguson is under scrutiny by the Department of Justice.


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