Vegetable Garden

On Saturday I spent a good deal of time weeding my vegetable garden.

It feels like weeding is all I do in this garden.  There is a ton of grass that grows in it.  If left to its own devices, I suspect it would look like a raised part of our lawn.  Only the grass would grow to 7 feet high, because it is hard to get a lawnmower into that bed.

I have not grown anything in this bed for several years.  When I tackled the weeds this year, it took me three days of hard work to get all the weeds out of the 3′ x 8′ bed.  Granted these were school days, while Picasso is in school (for only 3 hours during the day), but still.

When I finished and got it set up to plant, at the end of May, it looked like this:

Vegetable Garden in Spring

Vegetable Garden on April 28, 2014

Dirt, dirt, beautiful dirt!  You notice three plants in there.  I had purchased these plants to put in the garden, but everything else I started from seed.  I based it on a square-foot-gardening plan, and used a variation of this plan at Gardener’s Supply:

Garden Plan Fun for Kids

Fun for Kids

They have a variety of kitchen garden plans.  It is worth checking out if you are interested!

After I weeded over the weekend, here is how the garden looks now, not quite a month after planting (and right after weeding):

Carrots, Melons, Tomatoes, Lettuce, PeasPeas, Tomatoes, Lettuce, MarigoldsPeas, Peppers, Squash, Pumpkin

You’ll have to forgive my photo editing: I had to take several pictures to get everything in!

We have planted:

  • carrots
  • melon
  • tomatoes
  • lettuce
  • marigolds
  • peas
  • cucumber
  • pumpkins
  • yellow pepper
  • sunflowers

I also planted corn, but it is not coming up!  I think some squirrel must have sniffed out the corn kernels, and dug them up.  So yesterday I went to the store and got some plants to put in these squares.  I got

  • mint
  • parsley
  • tomatoes
  • zucchini

As you can tell, there is a lot of variety in this garden!  There will not be a lot of anything, but I am using it to teach my children about growing vegetables.  They even helped me weed!


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